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Testimonials of our students of Online TESOL Courses


I received the certificate a week ago. Thanks a ton “TITE”. Truly appreciate what you have done for me." Stefanie from Germany
I expected an intensive course and I was very satisfied by the quality of the course. The trainer Diana was wonderful. She was always there to support me. Also I like the way she guided me through the course. Once again thanks Diana and TITE. The certificate is worth and I am working in Thailand now. Lee Si from South Korea
"I searched online for a good program and just happened to come across TEFL International TEFL Education website. After careful reading and inquiring about the program, I realized that this would be a great program for me. I chose TEFL International TEFL Education because it is reputable and I wanted something that would be recognized globally. I enjoyed the online class so much that I recommended it to another person. He/She should be starting in the next session". Ajay Kumar from India
"I got great ideas for teaching methods. I got a better understanding of the complete definition of the communicative approach. I choose TITE because you were reasonably priced, you were recommended and I've always wanted to conquer my fear of online classes! If somebody thinking Onsite courses are the only way to get jobs and recognized I recommend them TEFL International TEFL Education online course. “Do it and feel the difference”. Mr. Neil Bakes from United States
"I liked the convenience of doing the lessons online at various hours of the day or night as I was working.... I enjoyed the course so much; I will probably take another online." I will specially recommend this course to those who is working and don’t have time and money for onsite courses. Paul Semata from Spain
The most valuable skills that I learned from my instructor were how to prepare for a class, with or without course material provided by a school, and how to interact with students during a class. At the end of the course I felt confident and prepared to teach.
Robert Sperling from United Kingdom
This online TEFL course from TITE has been perfect for me due to my current schedule and commitments. I am currently finishing my courses at University and working nearly part-time, so I do not have the time to be able to attend the onsite course. I was referred to this program by a friend of mine, and I do not regret signing up for the program at all! It has helped me learn the in and outs of teaching English as a foreign language, and I am excited to see how this course will help me in my future travels around the world. Helen Margaret from Australia
My time in the TEFL course with TITE was extremely fruitful and valuable. The materials were very informative and the instruction of the highest level. TITE not only covers the theoretical side and general mechanics of teaching, but also supplies students with a bag of creative and interesting teaching ideas. I have had conversations with other new teachers, who have obtained certification elsewhere; they do not seem to be as confident as I have been. Thanks TEFL International TEFL Education. Rahima a. Gilman from Philippines
I just wanted to write to say thank you to TITE. Everything I learned with TEFL International TEFL Education helped me to become a better teacher, and really gave me confidence in what I do. To anyone who is considering teaching EFL, I'd highly recommend that they enroll with TEFL International TEFL Education. The training is intensive, the techniques are effective (especially if you little or no teaching experience), and the instructors are absolutely excellent. The whole experience is definitely worthwhile and rewarding. Swati Bhatnagar from India
I want to wish TEFL International TEFL Education the best of luck in the future. I know that with the care and dedication you guys show, you will have no problem keeping this program a success. Also, if you ever need a reference for an incoming teacher, please feel free to contact me. I would gladly recommend this program to anyone who is interested." All the best.  Jason, from the United States
Well any appreciation will be less for you guys? My life has taken a complete turnaround from being unemployed and unable to find suitable work (even with my qualifications and over 10 years of working experience) to being in high demand overseas to teach conversational English. Within 1 month of completing your course, I had received over 15 job offers from countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand. Jesse Alright from New Zealand

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