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TESOL or TEFL Certification Course is a initial Teacher training course. The course equips you with the skills and techniques required for teaching English to students whose first language is not English or non native English speaking countries. In order to be an English teacher anywhere in the world a TESOL certificate is the first pre requisite. All advertisements for English teachers look for this qualification.

You have been speaking, reading, writing and even dreaming in English all your life but have you ever thought what it is to be an English Language learner? How does one develop listening skills, what is the right way to teach reading, how should writing be introduced and how to enhance vocabulary? We take most of our language ability for granted but for a language learner a lot depends on the way language activities are designed and the skills integrated. The TESOL course makes you aware of these and a lot more.

A TESOL Certificate is a ticket to the world. It opens up opportunities that probably you have only dreamt of. Apart from learning what it takes to be a good teacher and what are the components of learning a language it can be the most rewarding experience for anyone. The TEFL / TESOL Course helps you realize whether you are a people's person and whether you are cut out for a teaching career. It helps you realize your potentials, your strength and weaknesses.

Are you just out of university and looking for some excitement in life? Do you wish to travel to places that you have only read about but don't have the means? Are you stagnating in your present job and want a career change? Have you been a teacher all your life but want to teach in another country or a different set or level of students? If the answer to any of the above is yes, then the TEFL / TESOL Course is for you. It helps you earn while you travel, it gives you the opportunity to just not be a bumbling traveler but someone who is willing to contribute to society while you travel. It gives you the scope to interact with young minds. It helps you assimilate and understand new cultures, people, sample new food and take in sites and sounds that otherwise would have been impossible to experience.

After the completion of the TEFL / TESOL course you are qualified to teach English as a second language or a foreign language anywhere in the world. Our trainees have been successfully placed in 20 countries across the globe. Not just regular school teaching, you can be absorbed as Corporate trainers, Language School trainers, Voice and accent trainers and Soft skill trainers. With the growing need for learning English in Non English speaking nations the demand far exceeds the supply. So there is never a dearth of teaching opportunities for TESOL trained teachers.

TEFL Education has been conducting the TEFL / TESOL courses for over a decade and has successfully trained teachers to teach English any where in the world. The TESOL Certificate course has been designed by highly qualified people with vast experiences and therefore encompasses components that are tried and tested. We will be your constant guide and support in getting jobs, visa formalities and travel information.

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. This acronym and others like TEFL, ESOL, TESL are used by all teacher training organizations for basically the same course. TEFL Education is one of the world's leading accredited TESOL and TEFL course certification providers. Our TESOL / TEFL course offer Intensive training, also known as TESOL (TEFL) Certificate Course. The TESOL course makes you reflect on the methods used and not only teaches you the why but the how.


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